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  • Grace

    I’ve tried many restaurants in Calgary and Saltlik is definitely one of the best. I’ve been here twice and my meal has been perfect both times. Everyone in my family loved what they ordered. Everything I’ve tried is fantastic! We ordered the…
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  • Tracy

    Upscale place serving great food with excellent service. I will continue to go back. Not the cheapest plave to eat, but it's the quality you are paying for
  • Jayyy

    Amazing service everyone was kind, attentive and friendly. We didn’t take pics of our food it was too good! The noise level is higher which we loved actually cause we could be more relaxed and talk!
  • TimG

    Food was wonderful. The service was exceptional and the best I have ever seen. Justin was amazing, straddling the fine line of over the top attentiveness to the point of almost being too annoying. In a world where good service seems to be a lost art,…
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  • RobE

    Awesome food, service, all to notch! Just so expensive to eat out anymore. :-(
  • Arsalan

    Much better service than the one in Banff. They were short staffed so the bartender assisted us. Nicest gentleman ever. Must try!
  • AlexandraS

    The best calamari ever! We went Monday at 4 so it was nice and quite. The steak was amazing and cooked to perfection. Friendly staff and we got seated next to the fireplace. It was SO nic!
  • Anonymous

    It’s was a great dinner. Not the first time nor the last